Image of Former BDV Clients

Words can’t be enough to express my gratitude towards you all. You guys made my American dream come true.

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Image of Former BDV Clients

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to for all your efforts as a team that you put for us to make our dream possible.

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Image of Former BDV Clients

You guys have helped us in achieving our dream, and for that, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH

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Real stories from real customers

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You can trust BDV with your money and it's worth the time, money and effort

"They are very knowledgeable of this process, and are very trustworthy. I had a great experience, although stressful at times. My process took a long time but it was due to process, specifically the consulate in my country, nothing to do with BDV.They were there all the way from beginning to end.We were able to successfully get our green cards (family of 5)A big THANK YOU to all at BDV and specially to Chris Richardson for all his support during our green card journey!"
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Dreams vs Reality

"I thought that one day I could never be a permanent resident, due to the difficulties, I thought that like many people only in exceptionally qualified processes or marriage would be the possibility, but my dream came, and thanks to BDV Solutions consulting I reached my reality in which today I live every day, yes my most challenging choice in life, but the most correct. This company is severe, it's not perfect, but in my study ranking it was the best option I had and I can tell anyone who reads this comment, don't waste time! run after your dream! dream and believe!."
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BDV was awesome

"From beginning to end, the process went flawlessly. BDV was exceptional, they assisted in everything. Even though we went through the process during the covid lockdowns, nothing stopped them from answering our questions and didn't let covid impede in their process to get us employment. I couldn't be happier with them and recommend them highly! Thank you again to the BDV staff for making this possible for me."
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Trust BDV and Start ASAP

"BDV made our American dream come true. It was the best investment that we have done in our life. We found BDV through Facebook back in 2021 and we joined the program. We applied for food prep worker and started the process in feb 2021. After 9 months of waiting our LC got approved and after that in june 2022 we got our green card. We stared the work for employer. It was a great experience and bdv was helpful and responsive."
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Helping people from 106 countries and counting!

We are honored to see the positive impact this process can have on the lives of individuals and their families from around the world.
Whether you are starting this process from your home country, your current country of residence or you are already in the United States on a non-immigrant visa, this process can be successful for you!



Our case studies highlight many different experiences our clients have had over the years!
We have seen first hand this process work for many different people at many different stages in their lives. The EB-3 program kickstarts opportunity in the United States by providing a U.S. Green Card to the main applicant and their dependents. Read about some of our client's experiences with this Green Card process with BDV Solutions. No two cases are the same!

How does this process actually work for people? How long will the EB-3 Unskilled Visa take? Can I get promoted in my sponsor job? What kind of opportunities do I have after the program? Read to learn more about how individuals from around the world have experienced this process.
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Masters Degrees to Green Card Holder

This was a LONG  3 year journey for this client, but their case shows not to give up! Even though their I-140 was denied, BDV Solutions refiled their I-140 and continued their process for free, which is included in our terms.

Fast Food - Adjustment of Status

More Case Studies

There are 5 unique phases of the U.S. Visa process, ending in the issuance of a U.S. visa or Green Card.

Albanian in the UK
Processing outside of home country
Food Preparation
Consular Processing
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From setbacks to success
Adjust of Status
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Getting to the U.S. despite the odds
Food Preparation
Consular Processing
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Is this process right for you?
Will this process work for your situation?

Once you create an account here, you can set up a free introductory call with one of our employees who will discuss your case with you and help you evaluate if this program is right for you.
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Masters Degrees to Green Card Holder
Fast Food
Adjustment of Status
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From prep cook to Head Pastry Chef 
Food Prep
Adjustment of Status
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Dominican Republic
A new life for this family
Consular Processing
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EB-3 Unskilled Visa Process with BDV Solutions

Get insights on the timing of the EB-3 Green Card journey!

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