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Solving Unskilled Labor Shortages

We have proven success in helping businesses around the country consistently and effectively improve their labor challenges.

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Labor Shortages are expensive!

Today’s unemployment rates present a huge business risk for employers. Jobs are going unfilled for longer, resulting in loss of productivity and harming bottom lines. Industries such as food & beverage, warehousing, janitorial services, manufacturing and production are finding it particularly difficult to locate qualified, willing U.S. workers. Even worse, these positions are also prone to high turnover, making it harder to keep operations running smoothly.

In order to mitigate labor shortages in these industries, Congress sets aside 10,000 visas per year for
full-time, unskilled jobs. BDV Solutions is an immigration consulting company that specializes in sourcing foreign nationals to fill these unskilled, but notoriously hard to fill U.S. jobs through the EB-3 Visa program.

Entry Level Labor Solutions

To learn more about how BDV Solutions and our program can not only help fill your entry level positions, but also lower your retention rate, download our white paper below.

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Entry Level Labor Solutions

To learn more about how BDV Solutions and our program can help you fill your entry level positions and lower your retention rate, reach out to our Business Development Manager through the form above.


We have worked in QSR, Manufacturing, Packing, Janitorial Services, Warehousing, and Food Prep/Dishwashing.  

Labor Solutions

Labor shortages are expensive. Our labor pool will help fill your open positions and increase your retention rate.

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We have NO recurring fees for employers that we work with. There is a one time nominal fee for the entire process and support throughout.


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industries including manufacturing, QSR, janitorial, packing, hospitality


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How can BDV help your business deal with labor shortages?

We have successfully helped hundreds of businesses across the United States manage their labor challenges through the EB-3 Unskilled Visa program with BDV Solutions.

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The employees that we have gotten via BDV learn quickly and are extremely dependable.
The steady flow of mature workers has really filled a void.

John - Owner of Subway Franchise