Creating a bond with an employer


LC Filed 4/21/2020
LC Approved 9/15/2020
I-485 Filed 10/27/2020
I-140 filed 10/27/2020
I-140 Approved 1/6/2021
Work Permit Approved 3/30/2021
Visa Approved 8/9/2021
No visa interview

Fast Food Rest.
Adjustment of Status

This BDV Solutions client worked at a fast food restaurant in the mid-west United States. She worked for her employer for slightly over a year and was one of the first EB3 workers to begin work at that employer. Her employer declared her one of the best workers their restaurant has ever had. After she finished working, her employer actually treated her out to dinner. In addition, her employer also graciously supported her husband’s entrepreneurial endeavors. Now, some of her family is starting their Green Card journey with BDV Solutions.

This situation is a testament to the wonderful employers that we work with. The EB-3 employees don’t get special treatment and are held to the same standards as every other employee at the organization, but the employers we work with do care about the success that BDV Solutions clients have in this program. They celebrate green card approvals with the BDV team and BDV clients.  

While this client is moving on to other work opportunities, some of our clients continue to work for their employer sponsors in a greater capacity because they were promoted to more advanced positions in the organization. There are lots of opportunities through the EB3 Unskilled Visa Program.

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Today, my children and I are permanent residents of the United States. BDV made our American dream come true.

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