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What is EB-3 Unskilled?

The US Government allocates 10,000 visas each year for employment based sponsorship through EB-3 ‘Other Workers’ for employers that have proven labor shortages in unskilled work positions

Almost anyone from any country (except those with visa backlogs) is able to apply for the EB-3 Visa if they have an employer willing to sponsor them and are willing to work in an unskilled position

The EB-3 ‘Other Workers’ Visa leads directly to permanent residence green card status for you, and if applicable, your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21

What Is The Employment Based Green Card?

Employment Based Immigration, Third Preference (EB-3 “Other Workers”) leads to a permanent 10-year green card in the United States for the Visa beneficiary and their immediate family, including spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21. After holding a green card for five (5) years, you can choose to naturalize and become a US citizen. Alternatively, you can also maintain permanent residence status by renewing your green card every ten (10) years, allowing you to live and work in the United States legally indefinitely. EB-3 offers a permanent immigration solution for those seeking permanent relocation in the United States.

Why Does This Process Work?

More employers than ever are struggling to fill available jobs. Industries such as janitorial services, meat processing, packing, food & beverage are suffering due to the difficulty of finding US employees

The Immigration Act of 1990 created Employment Based Visas, also known as the EB Program. This act has since allowed US businesses to sponsor foreign nationals willing and qualified to work in these positions

The EB-3 ‘Other Workers’ Visa leads directly to permanent residence green card status for you and your immediate family.

What Are The Risks?

If you have never had any previous visa violations in the United States, for example, overstaying a visa, deportation, or working without authorization, and also have a clean criminal background, the risks are very low. Although the US government routinely denies F-1, H1B, B1/B2 visas, Employment Based visas offer a more direct visa application process as the employer is petitioning for your permanent residence. Listen to this podcast where we interview an immigration attorney and discuss this question in more detail.

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