Qualifications, requirements, and eligibilities for the EB-3 Unskilled Green Card

EB-3 Qualifications

Qualifications for the EB-3 unskilled visa category are minimal. You only have to be eligible to apply for a green card and be willing and able to work a full-time job that the United States
Department of Labor has classified as unskilled.

  1. Eligible to apply for a green card:

Eligibility under EB3 has only two components. First, you need to have an employer with a documented labor shortage who is willing to sponsor your green card. BDV specializes in connecting foreign nationals to these employers. Second, you need to not be disqualified from applying for a green card due to being inadmissible or having committed a serious crime.  

  1. Unskilled job  

The Department of Labor defines “unskilled” jobs as those that take less than two years of training or experience to be able to perform.
EB-3 applicants cannot be overqualified for an unskilled job.  

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