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"My family and I are from Brazil, we are BDV clients and I came to tell a little bit of my story and help encourage those who have a dream to fight to make it come true.

But first I need to go back in time a little and tell you that from a very early age I always wanted to live in another country because as a ballet student, it is a natural dream to want to be part of a great school and international company! So I always dedicated myself to classes, studying English so that I could reach my goal as soon as possible. Despite having highlighted me, things didn't go as I planned, time passed and neither the scholarship nor a position appeared, which demotivated me, and there came a time when I stopped believing! I still danced professionally for a few years but surviving for art in my country is not easy!

So I graduated, got married, had my kids, and built a company with my husband and ballet became like a hobby! It was then that my husband and I, after some vacation trips, rekindled that old dream and we thought it would be very good for the whole family to have an experience abroad!

There were many nights of research to find the best way to do it because being illegal in any country was not an option! I studied most of the visas and after believing that I didn't fit in almost any, we applied for a student visa, and the plan was to study, experience the culture and return when necessary!

So we arrived in America in 2018 and the feeling of belonging to the right place was great! But I had no idea how to stay. It was then that I met BDV and we decided to apply for a position right in Florida where we were already! In the beginning, the amount of information was very little and the fear was huge. However, at the beginning of the process and meet other applicants, we started to see several success stories, and then we became more confident!

But in this first moment, we had bad luck that our LC fell into audit and the process stagnated at zero for many months! It was a complicated phase and we started to doubt whether we would make it or not. And then more than a year later and with no response, I decided to try a plan B and apply myself for another type of visa based on my ballet career.

The BDV team provided incredible support from help with the financial issue of payment plans to the emotional, always answering our questions and this was essential to encourage us and continue! So I was applied for another position and surprisingly, this time it went extremely fast! And in December 2020, I had the approval for both processes! It was a huge emotion because for those who had no idea how to stay, now being able to choose which path to follow was an immense victory!

I think I couldn't believe it for days, mainly because of the Ballet process that for my country had no value and the USA was attesting to being an area of national importance!!! So after a lot of thinking and analyzing… We evaluated that although the idea of going to work in the area itself was tempting, we were in the middle of a global pandemic and we also had some personal issues that worried us. However, the determining factor was to analyze that we would have all the support of the BDV, the lawyers, and the sponsor in this new beginning, so we decided to proceed with EB3! The best decision we made! Our green card arrived in the mail in 4 months without an interview request! Even before the Combo or Social! Imagine the joy!!!

Before starting to work, I had a mistaken idea that because it was a position without qualifications I would feel inferior, but I found a company grateful for our work, managers, and kind colleagues and willing to help us whenever possible! People who treat others with respect regardless of job title or position! And several times I felt more valued in this work than in others with better status in Brazil!

Today I couldn't be happier and more grateful for everything and everyone who contributed to making my dream and that of my family come true. My kids are having the education I always dreamed of in a place with security and a good future. My husband has his company and is working in his field and I say I am in the second act of my life! I went back to taking regular classes, participated in some auditions, and became part of a Professional Company… I divide my time between work, the kids, and classes. I also was invited by other companies to participate in their shows having a next season full of performances on beautiful stages I never thought I'd be able to be on!

Thank you to the entire BDV team and especially those who helped me closely. To Jorge, Mitchell, Britt, Chris, Isaiah, John, and Carolina!!!
And my advice for those who have the dream of immigrating is: Ask God for guidance, study, research, plan, belief, and come live your best version in this country of opportunities!"

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