Why should you trust BDV Solutions to help you get your U.S. Green Card?

Britt Vergnolle
August 12, 2021

BDV Solutions places a great deal of energy and effort in being trustworthy. We are extremely transparent with all of our clients throughout the process. We will never guarantee you a Green Card, because that is not only impossible, but if anyone is guaranteeing Green Card approvals, that should be a red flag. We will be honest with you throughout the process, as you inevitably hit certain hurdles in your case.
Each month, we share an update on monthly numbers of approvals in certain stages of the process via an email newsletter and through our Facebook group. We have nothing to hide, so you will be able to see the number of LC approvals, number of 1-140 approvals, number of EAD approvals, number of people who started working for their employer and the number of Green Card approvals. This number does go up and down over the months, but we will always share it with our clients.

We encourage anyone interested to come visit us at our office in Greenville, SC. Whether you want to come see we are legitimate before you sign up or if you want to visit after you receive your Green Card approval, we will gladly welcome you to our office. We love meeting our clients and potential clients. Plus, our office is in the beautiful downtown Greenville, so we believe it’s a nice visit.

Lastly, you can trust us because we have a highly experienced team! On our team we have an ex-Visa Officer, employees who speak 6 different languages, an immigration attorney, various experiences in multiple immigration categories, and we even have U.S. immigrants who work at BDV Solutions. You can read more about our team members here, because there are too many great things to share in this blog. We are proud to have an extremely hard working and dedicated team who will work for you and your case!
If you still have questions, send us a chat! Once you create an account, you will be able to chat our entire team easily and efficiently. https://yow.bdvsolutions.com/register/nationality

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