Which countries can you apply for the EB-3 Unskilled Visa from with BDV Solutions?

Chris Richardson
January 12, 2022

You can apply for the EB-3 Unskilled Visa from any country. However, with BDV Solutions, you can apply from any country except China and India. Under American immigration laws, the number of permanent residences or “Green Cards” that can be issued per year is limited to only 140,000 for employment-based cases. Millions of people apply for Green Cards. Because of this, a backlog for visas has been growing each year. Only a certain number of the 140,000 per year is allocated for each country and each visa category. When the priority date becomes “current”, a foreign national goes through the process of obtaining a Green Card. Given that the priority date is based on birth country, China and India, which have large populations, are backlogged for more than several years. Thus, any Chinese or Indian national would need to wait many years before they could start working at a company and the employers who work with BDV generally cannot wait that long to receive workers. Therefore, regrettably, BDV Solutions cannot assist foreign nationals from these countries. Of the countries that we do serve, most of our clients are from Brazil, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Nepal.

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