When should I start my EB-3 process?

Mitchell Saum
August 22, 2023

Regardless of whether you are adjusting your status within the US or going through consular processing, early initiation is highly advantageous.

For individuals adjusting status in the US, initiating the process promptly is crucial due to the requirement of maintaining a nonimmigrant visa status. Maintaining such a status can be costly and restrictive, making it essential to transition to a green card as soon as possible to avoid potential limitations and expenses associated with maintaining a temporary visa.

Even for those undergoing consular processing, it is vital to start early due to the lengthy nature of the immigration process itself. The various stages, including labor certification, petition filing, and visa issuance, can take a significant amount of time. By initiating the process promptly, you can mitigate delays and uncertainties, ensuring a smoother and more efficient progression towards obtaining your green card.

Before embarking on the EB-3 unskilled visa process, it is crucial to be financially prepared for the associated fees and living expenses in the United States. The immigration process entails various costs, including filing fees, attorney fees, and dependent fees, which can add up significantly. Additionally, once you arrive in the US, you will need to cover your living expenses, such as accommodation, transportation, healthcare, and daily necessities. It is advisable to have sufficient savings or financial resources to comfortably support yourself and your family during the immigration process and the initial settlement period in the United States. Being financially prepared will alleviate stress and ensure a smoother transition as you pursue your dreams of obtaining a green card and building a new life in the US.

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