What to look for in an EB-3 Unskilled Visa agency

February 16, 2023

There are hundreds of individuals and groups that are eager to take advantage of people looking to immigrate to the United States. At organizations like BDV Solutions, ethics matter. As the largest processor of EB-3 Unskilled visas, we can confidently identify what makes a Visa agency successful and worthwhile to clients in pursuit of services. Transparency, advocacy, and resources are a great measure of just how far an agency will go to make sure you have all the tools for success on your Visa journey. Check out how the best agencies use these tools to strengthen their business model for clients, sponsors, and everyone in between.

Transparency. When you’re paying thousands of dollars to undergo processing to obtain a visa, we believe you deserve to know and understand what is happening. Only the best agencies will provide you with transparency at every step – informing you of the good, the bad, and the ugly. When changes are expected in processing, we break that down to our clients in easily understandable digital and print media. Offering insight and opportunities to answer questions is a crucial element to achieve full transparency. Translating complex, technical information from the government is what we do well for both clients and sponsors.  

Advocacy. Clients need people fighting for them at every turn. Securing a visa is the difference between success and failure for many clients. Working to improve the immigration system and processing policies should be a priority for any good agency. With firsthand knowledge of the obstacles facing foreign nationals, agencies should advocate for legislation and practices that simplify the process while maintaining its integrity. Advocating for issues beyond obtaining work authorizations and green cards is also just as important. A good agency will work to ensure that the communities that they bring their clients into are communities that set the clients up for success.  

Resources. Good agencies will provide you with resources to adjust to your new environment. Great agencies will personally facilitate the connection and double check that you’re all ready to handle things on your own. While some agencies will just push their client along through the pipeline from start to finish, organizations like BDV Solutions work to ensure you’re successful at every step. For example, when it’s time for a Visa interview – we refer our clients to our sister organization, Argo Visa. At this level, we work together to make sure that you’ve not only secured an interview, but that you’re comfortable and successful at it.  

As mentioned, there are plenty of people and organizations around the world that are ready to sell dreams to vulnerable people. Ethical organizations take the proper steps to highlight the honesty, value, and standard of their services. At BDV Solutions, we embody transparency, advocacy, and resource allocation to ensure our clients are successful in their future endeavors.  

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