What makes BDV Solutions experts on the EB-3 Visa?

BDV Solutions
December 29, 2022

BDV is a unique company that provides legal expertise, immigrant perspective, and an extensive network to their clients.  BDV combines three major assets that make them the gold standard as specialists in the EB3 visa:

1. Expert Experience:

The people who make up BDV Solutions represent hundreds of thousands of hours working in immigration law. This includes multiple attorneys, former consular officers, the former head of USCIS, and people who have worked for some of the largest immigration law firms in the nation. Not only does this represent personal skill, but a vast network and connections to high-ranking government officials. All of these experienced people have come together to focus their attention, expertise, and networks specifically on the EB3 visa.

2. Client Voices

Not only do we boast multiple experts in immigration law, but we have several former clients working at BDV who went through the EB3 unskilled process with BDV. These individuals serve in multiple BDV departments including accounting, global mobility, client services, and program success to provide a voice to the client experience across the whole company.

3. Proven Track Record

Not only does BDV have special knowledge from both the legal and immigrant perspective, but BDV has a track record of success stretching back to its founding. In 2022 alone BDV will have filed around 3,000 applications for Labor Certification. BDV has succeeded in helping thousands acquire green cards from over 100 countries.  

Between the expertise in American Immigration Law, our network of current employees that were former clients informing company policy, and our track record of success, BDV Solutions is uniquely positioned to be called specialists and experts on the EB3 visa.

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