What is the hardest part of the EB-3 Green Card process?

BDV Solutions
December 1, 2022

Waiting is difficult. Especially when it has to do with life altering matters. The EB3 process can be a long and difficult process requiring great patience.  Certain pressure points can be especially difficult for employers and intending immigrants alike. Working with various governmental agencies that seem entirely indifferent to your situation can leave one feeling stuck an endless holding pattern. But BDV Solutions is here to make the process as smooth and streamlined as possible.

For employers, the most difficult part is the recruitment stage. Employers are currently having to go through an 8-9 month process filing paperwork with the Department of Labor and their State Workforce Agency before they can legally file a Labor Certification (“LC”). But this stage is an area where BDV Solutions’ expertise shines.

Not only can BDV help with the heavy lifting and coordination of deadlines at this stage, but BDV is actively encouraging and recommending policy changes to DOL to speed up and streamline this process.  

For immigrants, waiting for LC processing can be difficult. The Department of Labor provides almost no feedback on your process, and your LC can be stuck in the “Under Analyst Review” status for 9 months. Add to that the potential 3-4 months if you get an audit, and it may feel like you will never even get the chance to apply for a green card. Compound, on this the stress of needing to maintain valid status in the USA, and it can be a difficult period.  

But BDV is always actively monitoring the DOL updates to their processing times and works hard to present accurate expected timelines to clients.  

But after all the waiting, eventually the day comes. BDV does not take clients who appear to be ineligible for the EB3 process. It may take a year from the time your LC was filed to when your green card application is finally in the mail. But eventually the government has to deal with your application and acknowledge your eligibility.  

Although the waiting is hard, BDV is active to mitigate any potential problems and aims to improve this process through congressional inquiries and policy proposals to make sure our clients are successful in their journey to getting a green card.

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