What can you do if your EB-3 case is taking longer than you hoped?

Britt Vergnolle
March 10, 2022

We know how difficult it can be as you wait for your EB-3 case to be completed. Luckily, you can always check your case’s progress online to determine where in the process it is. Many of our clients find it useful to see what month’s applications are currently being processed in order to determine a more specific timeline for their case. From the time your application has been filed by your employer, we estimate a six-month window for it to be approved. If the application is audited for any reason (this is usually due to random audits imposed by the Department of Labor), it could add an additional three months to the timeline.

However, the process from applying for your green card to your receipt of it will usually take between one year to 18 months, unless you are from a handful of countries which carry a longer timeline of about two years (we’ll advise you if that’s the case). Prior to receiving your green card - about 7 to 9 months into the process - you should receive your work authorization.

Bear in mind that COVID-19 has been slowing the system in general; while the government is making efforts to unclog the backlog of applications, we are still experiencing some delays as of March 2022.

Our best advice: be patient. Just as the officers processing EB-3 cases move at different paces, so does each case. So make sure you consider the timeframes we’ve provided here as general guidelines only for when you can expect your case to be completed.

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