What are your responsibilities during the EB-3 process when working with an agency?

Chris Richardson
February 21, 2022

The process of immigrating to the United States is daunting. Navigating a highly complex foreign legal system with your future at stake can induce great levels of stress and anxiety. For this reason, many hopeful immigrants choose to go through an agency like BDV Solutions which provides support, connections, and resources in navigating the system.
But what exactly are the responsibilities of the client when working with an agency like BDV Solutions?

There are four main categories of responsibility:

(1) Provide truthful and accurate information An agency like BDV Solutions is willing to do the heavy lifting in making sure everything is in compliance with the regulations of the U. S. Government. But the agency is only as good as the information you provide them. For example, if you have unauthorized work in your past, that is not automatically going to disqualify you from getting a green card, but it could change your process. An agency like BDV Solutions needs to know that information up front so that they can respond appropriately and get you your green card as quickly as possible.

(2) Provide evidence as requested

Any type of application to U.S. immigration will require certain forms of documentary evidence. It is important that you provide the correct documentation as requested as quickly as possible. The rules for evidence provided to US government are strict. Not having sufficient evidence could delay your application indefinitely.

(3) Timely payment of fees

Agencies such as BDV Solutions work hard to provide a highly technical and specialized service to ensure your ultimate success in obtaining a green card. In order to provide this service, it is necessary that clients stay on time with their payments so that the agency can continue working on your behalf.

(4) Work for your sponsoring employer

Agencies like BDV Solutions are able to provide quality jobs to intending immigrants because of the relationships they build with the sponsoring employers. Part of maintaining this relationship is dependent on the performance of the intending immigrant. When you first sign up with an agency like BDV Solutions, there will most likely be a clause in your contract requesting you to work for your sponsoring employer for a certain period. It is important that you make a good faith effort to stay with your employer and show up to work throughout that year or you may be subject to penalties, including having your green card application denied on the basis of fraud.

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