My Path to Permanent Residency: How I found BDV Solutions

April 28, 2021

My husband and I did the EB3 visa process through consular processing.
We had been trying to move to the US legally for several years.

When we began researching on US immigration, we didn’t know anything about the EB3 visa. The only way we found to immigrate was through E2 visa. So we started saving money and made a lot of sacrifices. When we felt we had enough saved to start the process, we made the mistake to ask for a B1/B2 tourist visa prior to the E2 visa.

The country where we were, allowed us to travel to the US without a visa. But we thought it would be a good idea to ask for a tourist visa so we could stay there longer and start investing in our future business. We would have then gone back to our country to request for an E2 visa.
It was a huge mistake because our request was denied. At 1st we thought it’s because we weren’t prepared enough, didn’t have the correct documents etc... So we went for another interview and our 2nd request was denied as well. What we didn’t realize at that time is that, our visa denial meant we could not travel to the US at all, even for vacation! We were devasted, America was the only country where we wanted to live and spend the rest of our lives. Not only could we not move there, but we couldn’t even travel there!

As I was losing hope, one day I was just watching TV, switching channels and a documentary caught my attention. What I saw was a gamechanger for us!
It was about South Koreans, moving to the USA via an unskilled work visa. They were hired through employers who had labor shortages especially in the farming industry and most important of all, this visa allowed them to obtain a Green Card, the holy grail for us!

I was so thrilled that day, if South Koreans can obtain this visa, why couldn’t we? Then started a long journey for us. A quest to find someone who could help us apply for this visa. We searched on the internet, and at that time, we couldn’t find BDV Solutions on Google.
At 1st we couldn’t even find any agency based in America! We had to translate Korean websites via Google translate to understand what these agencies were talking about. We even almost signed up with a Korean agency, but we didn’t move forward because it was very expensive. And we were also afraid that it would look strange to the visa officer that we went through a Korean agency…

We also saw agencies, that we were very skeptical about, agencies that were guaranteeing green cards 100%.

Finally, we found an agency based in America. At 1st they seemed okay, so we started the 1st step of the EB3 process with them. They had offered me a spot in a chicken processing factory.
As we moved forward in the process. We noticed that something was not right. They were giving us contradictory information, nobody seemed to be dedicated to our case, and it felt like they were not even sure about what they were doing! It was scary given the bad experience we already had with immigration and we were right! Our LC got denied, and they couldn’t even give us the reason as to why it was denied.

So we decided to start searching, again! Even if we lost money, we couldn’t go on with them after what happened. There must be someone out there, who was reliable and cared about their clients ! At that point, my husband had the idea to look at the issue from a different angle. Instead of looking for agencies, why not ask employers directly who they work with?

At that time, we could still check on the Department of Labor's website to see which employer is filing for which type of visa. My husband made a list of employers that were filing for EB3 visas, and I started calling them to find out if they were hiring foreign nationals.

I got a lot of negative responses, until that one call that changed everything. One employer finally said ‘yes we do hire foreigners’. And that nice lady gave me Britt’s (BDV Solutions CEO & Founder) number. I called Britt straight away and heard her friendly voice for the 1st time. From that day I knew I was in good hands and that our struggle was almost over. We noticed that BDV was different from other agencies we had encountered until now. They had client testimonials, and we already knew they were legitimate as we had called one of the sponsors.But most important of all, they knew what they were doing, and were doing it right! We binge watched all of Mitchell’s (BDV Solutions Sales Director) Facebook videos. The more we watched, the more we realized how consistent and clear they were!

Finally we had found what we were looking for all these years.

The reason why I decided to give my testimonial is because I want to share my story, and let BDV clients know how lucky you are to have found BDV! We found them the hard way, and we saw everything. This is coming from someone who did a lot of research and encountered so many different agencies. Nothing compares to BDV. The team is awesome, and the jobs are awesome too!

I’m so glad to have worked in a janitorial company rather than a chicken processing plant! No matter how much I thank the BDV team, especially Britt, John, Chris and Mitchell, it would never be enough.
BDV changed our lives forever and made our dream come true ! Very few people live their dream, and I’m living it thanks to BDV. We’ve been living in the US for a year now and happier than ever. Proud American residents, and soon we hope citizens.

Only regret I have is to not have found BDV sooner.

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