Is there such thing as an easy way to get a Green Card?

Britt Vergnolle
October 26, 2021

There is no such thing as an easy way to get a green card. However, some methods are more simple than others.

The most common way to obtain a green card is through family members. The current wait for a spouse is about 23-32 months. For siblings, the wait is approximately 10 years, for unmarried children of U.S. citizens 7-8 years, for unmarried adult children of green card holders approx. 8-9 years, and for married adult children of U.S. citizen approx. 13-22 years.
If that avenue is not available, the second, most straightforward approach is through the U.S. Department of State’s Green Card Lottery. However, the Lottery is a random computer selection, and only a certain number of visas are allocated to each region of the world. During this process, no one country can receive more than 7 percent of the Diversity visas available in any given year.

If the diversity lottery is not an option, the next best option is through the employment-based categories. In particular, the EB-3 Unskilled Visa is a great way to obtain a Green Card. The wait times for employment-based immigrant visas are relatively short in most of the categories. Unlike the family-based cases, the employer is responsible for the entire process, which takes a significant amount of stress off of you as an applicant. The EB3 Unskilled Visa is the most straightforward approach because it does not require advanced degrees, prior work experience, or additional qualifications. Through the EB3 Unskilled visa, an immigrant agrees to work an unskilled job currently unfilled by the U.S. market and receive a green card to aid in the market shortage.

To learn more about the EB3 Unskilled Visa, check out our YouTube page here.

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