Is the green card obtained from the EB-3 Unskilled Visa program conditional?

Chris Richardson
March 30, 2022

All visas are at some level conditional. Your right to live in the US can be revoked at any time if you commit a serious enough crime. One particular scenario to avoid is committing workplace fraud, meaning that if an employer has sponsored your visa, that you are actually working at their company. If you fail to uphold your contract, you may be held liable and your EB-3 and/or green card may be in jeopardy.

Another important thing to note: you must work for your employer for a significant amount of time as part of this process. At BDV, that means you have contracted to work for a year at your employer. If you leave before having completed that year, this may negatively affect your green card application and any future application for U.S. citizenship.

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