Is BDV Solutions an employment agency or an immigration agency?

Jauntavia Prather
January 23, 2023

BDV Solutions does not function exclusively as an employment agency nor an immigration agency, but it does, however, possess qualities from both types of organizations. BDV sits at the unique intersection of workforce development and immigration consultancy, supplying American business owners with an untapped labor pool of eligible workers, and providing visa processing guidance to visa applicants in pursuit of EB3 visas.

Regarding staffing assistance, BDV works with staffing agencies, human resources departments, and business leaders to identify areas in critical need of unskilled laborers, across different industries all over the nation. We provide our employer-sponsors with a job pool of qualified applicants interested in available job openings. We do not function in the role of employment recruiters matching clients to specific openings based on skills/talents/interests; applicants select their own opportunities that they universally qualify for under the EB3 visa category.

In terms of immigration, we provide guidance and direction on filings, processing, and client intervention options when necessary. BDV provides employer-sponsors with guidance on filings and requirements needed to sponsor foreign workers. While our goal is for the EB3 category to be utilized at maximum effectiveness, we balance that interest with careful consideration of who we help as clients and as potential sponsors. BDV strategically selects applicants that are a good fit for the EB3 pathway and are likely to be successful at meeting the requirements and completing the filings, deadlines, and financial qualifications to receive a green card.  We do not supply every business with employees. To be selected as an eligible sponsor, BDV ensures that the business has a verified labor shortage & and that the experienced staffing shortages are a result of economic conditions, not internal management disfunction.

BDV operates within its own sector. We provide employment solutions & immigration solutions in ways not easily or successfully replicated by others. We leverage our expertise, experiences, and networks – like our sister company Argo Visa, to provide labor solutions to chronic labor shortages for employers across the nation. BDV advocates for businesses and immigrations solutions at local, state, and federal levels to mitigate delays and preventable issues wherever possible. While many immigration and employment agencies have a mundane, repetitive process to their selection and execution of services, we work around the clock to lead the industry in our services, performance, and innovation.

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