How does the EB-3 Unskilled Visa process work with BDV Solutions?

Britt Vergnolle
June 7, 2021

This can be a confusing and complicated process but the BDV Solutions team is here to guide you throughout. We have various departments that will support you through the various stages of your EB3 process. To learn more on the EB3 process itself, please check out this blog.

Sign Up

The first part of our process is signing up through our YOW platform. Here, you will be able to learn about the BDV Solutions process and the EB3 Visa. On our YOW platform you will be led through a series of informationational videos. We have helped many clients through this process, so please let us know if you have any questions. As you move through different parts of the process, you will work with different members of the BDV Solutions team, who are there to support you during that stage.

Pick a Job

We open up new job positions every few weeks. When a new job position opens up, the spots tend to go quickly. If you decide to work with BDV Solutions, you will select your employer sponsor on YOW. Before selecting the job, you will know the wage, type of work, location, and estimated filing date. When you are picking a job, please keep in mind, this is not just signing up for a job, but you are making a commitment to your future employer who will be sponsoring you for your U.S. Green Card. We believe we work with some of the best employer sponsors for the EB3 Unskilled Visa. Some previous jobs have included: food prep worker, janitorial services, construction, packing (at a warehouse), and more!

Department of Labor

The Department of Labor stage includes your Labor Certification filing. If you get an audit, that will also happen during this stage of the process. Please keep in mind, there can be delays during this part of the process and that your estimated filing date is only an estimation. We will do our best to communicate with you on delays. Please check your YOW account for any relevant information or requests. Some parts of this stage will require your confirmation, so please frequently check your YOW account, because waiting for confirmation could lead to delays.


This part of the process includes the I-140 and EAD (for Adjustment of Status only). This is the phase of the process where you will work most closely with your attorneys. COVID-19 and the effects of COVID-19 have led to delays with USCIS. Things are slowly accelerating, but they are certainly not back to normal. We will communicate with you during this process and once you receive the necessary approvals, you will then be able to transition to work for your employer sponsor. The BDV Solutions team works with government and political teams to advocate for our clients, the future of immigration, and to have good insight on what is going on behind the scenes of a case.

Settlement / Client Services

When you are able to start work or are almost able to start work, our client services team will assist you in this transition. Our team will set up your orientation, provide you with a city guide, and assist you in understanding all that you will need to do upon moving and starting work in a new position. Our client services team will support you throughout the entirety of your work for your employer sponsor. We have helped clients find roommates, find accommodations, find a car, and more! Our client services team is ready for your questions and is here to guide you in your transition to working for your employer sponsor.

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