Do all work visas require prior skills or education?

Britt Vergnolle
January 4, 2022

Many people seeking to immigrate are aware of immigration through family sponsorship or through highly skilled labor. However, many are unaware of the market and availability in unskilled labor. In the United States there is a great NEED for unskilled workers. This can be beneficial because it simplifies the process that is required under the skilled category. The highly skilled category requires applicants to provide proof of their extraordinary skill, while the unskilled category does not require skill or education. This is advantageous to applicants because they do not have to worry about obtaining any further training or education to be eligible for the jobs for an EB-3 visa. A common misconception of the unskilled category is that prior experience is discouraged. However, the presence of prior skill or education cannot be used as a means to deny a visa. A visa will be denied by an immigration officer only due to error or ineligibility based on medical reports, criminal related matters, security related matters, and other substantive issues.

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