Can you do the EB-3 Unskilled process without an agency?

Chris Richardson
October 7, 2021

The EB3 Visa is often associated with immigration agencies and consultants, but can you do it alone? Technically yes, but practically no.

To be eligible for the EB3 Unskilled Visa, you don’t need any particular degree requirements or job experience, but that doesn’t make this a simple or easy process to go through alone. There are three elements of this process that you will need to consider: the legal side, the employment side, and the expertise.
You will need an immigration attorney to guide you through the EB3 Visa process. Your employer will need to file various applications on your behalf and keep your case on track. In most situations in which an individual is filing an application to immigrate to the United States they will need an immigration attorney.

The second important element to this visa type is the employment part. Not only will you need an employer who is willing to sponsor you for a Green Card, but the employer must qualify and go through a process in order to be eligible to sponsor an individual for this process (and it is not a simple process). Could you find an employer on your own? Possibly, yes. But, to give your case the best chance at success, you should go with an agency, such as BDV Solutions, who will find you an employer, vet the employer, help the employer determine their eligibility, guide them through the qualification process, and then assist you with the onboarding with that employer. BDV Solutions does not end up working with every employer who is interested in the program, because not every interested employer will be a good fit for this program. Not to mention, there could be various legal requests, audits, and more, that will require coordination and expertise in order to move forward successfully.

BDV Solutions is an EB3 Unskilled Visa agency that has a great deal of expertise and respect in this industry. Our team has years of experience so we can understand how to best approach a number of scenarios or issues that may arise in your case. We will find the employer, we'll assist the employer find an immigration attorney, we will provide the expertise, we will help you move and start work for your employer, and we will be here to guide and support you throughout this entire process. Our company also advocates for our clients with political leaders to truly give each client their best chance at success.

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