Can BDV Solutions, LLC guarantee that I will obtain my Green Card?

Davis Vergnolle
April 9, 2021

While BDV Solutions is committed to ensuring foreign nationals are placed with sponsors in need of labor, it cannot guarantee the issuance of a visa. BDV Solutions LLC is not a law firm and does not present itself as such. The hiring of any consultant, attorney, or employment placement agency is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertisement or word of mouth. The outcome of each case depends upon many factors, including the facts of the case, and no attorney, consultant, or entity can guarantee a positive result in any case. Therefore, BDV Solutions, LLC makes no guarantees, warranties, or predictions about the outcome of any visa application.

Further, we make no representations that the quality of the legal work to be performed by law firms or attorneys we work with is better than the quality of legal work performed by other attorneys. Prior results by BDV Solutions and those law firms we work with do not guarantee a similar outcome.

While many companies out there will promise or guarantee a visa, we do not, and we cannot. The immigration system is constantly changing and while we can help you navigate that system; we cannot guarantee a favorable outcome. Our results though speak for themselves and we have helped hundreds of people successfully navigate the immigration system and obtain permanent residency.

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