BDV Solutions Donates 1000 KN95 Masks to Greenville SC Public Transportation

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October 16, 2020

BDV Solutions Donates 1000 KN95 Masks to Greenville SC Public Transportation

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) – Several non-profits and local businesses joined together to provide 1,000 masks to Greenlink. If you get on a bus, you will receive a mask while supplies last.

Masks aren’t required, but they are encouraged.

With a lot of essential workers using public transportation, these community leaders say this population of citizens needs the support.

“Their mission is very simple to get to zero cases of coronavirus in the world and the key is to start locally,”

says Tiffany James, the South Carolina lead for is hoping to do that, by teaming up with BDV Solutions, Upstate Forever, and Judge Gaybriel Gibson to make sure those riding on buses in Greenville are safe.

Christopher Richardson- BDV Solutions says, “As we get back into the world and we use public transportation more and opening up more as a country, we need to keep people safe. These masks are a way to keep our employers and our employees and clients and customers in the world safe.”

Greenlink received the generous donation of 1,000 masks Tuesday Morning.

Masks like these KN95’s are recommended by the CDC to prevent your respiratory droplets from getting onto others.

BDV Solutions, who works with employment placement, says protecting the working force is key.

Christopher Richardson says, “My company works with all the restaurant and janitorial companies. We work with the people who are essential workers and we really feel that they need to be safe and a lot of them use public transportation and we recognize that a mask can help keep them safe and keep them alive”

They hope that everyone will do their part as we move closer to a healthier community.

“You know you want to live. You know you want to see your friends and family again so take the proper measures to do so by wearing a mask and by exercising social distancing so that is very simple things we can do to save our lives,” says James.

The CDC says that anyone older than 2 years old should where these masks, especially if you are out and about when social distancing measures are hard to maintain.

There are a limited amount of people on the buses to help maintain that social distance as well.

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