Are the EW 3 visa and the EB3 visa the same thing?

Ben McEuen
February 20, 2023

Although the EB3 visa has only three major categories (Professional, Skilled, and Unskilled), there are 23 total sub-categories under the EB3 visa.  

EW3 is the specific category for unskilled workers who are new arrivals. Other notable sub-categories include EW9 for spouses of EW3 holders, EW8 for unskilled workers adjusting status, and EW0 for the children of EW3 or EW8 holders who are adjusting status.

The important thing to know is that your EB3-based Green Card will not state “EB3” under Category but will show one of these more specific EB3 sub-categories.  

You can see the Department of Homeland Security website for a full list of all the specific visa categories.  

The list of all EB3 sub-categories appears below:

Third: Skilled workers, professionals, and needed unskilled workers

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