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LC Filed 7/11/2019
Audit Sent 12/17/2019
LC Approved 5/15/2020
I-140 Filed 7/13/2020
I-140 Approved 1/14/2021
Visa Interview 6/28/2021
Visa Approved 3/28/2022

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The process can be intimidating to begin, especially if you are applying from another country where there is stigma around the EB3 Unskilled Visa process. This success case comes out of Vietnam. Thank you to this client for trusting BDV, our process, our legitimacy and our efforts.

This is proof that the BDV Solutions process is legitimate and legal! Our clients also will get the support of Argo Visa interview preparation services to help them succeed at their U.S. visa interview. The Argo Visa consultations are all provided by former Visa Officers, so these experts know how to help visa applicants present their situations to the Visa Officer. This process can have delays, it can take time, there can be bumps in the road, but if you trust in the process and be patient, BDV can lead your case to success.

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Great company for US immigration.

Today, my children and I are permanent residents of the United States. BDV made our American dream come true.

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