Simplifying a complicated process

BDV Solutions is here to guide you
and advocate for you throughout the
EB3 Unskilled Visa process.

For many becoming a U.S. Green Card holder is just a dream, but we are here
to make it your reality.

The most difficult parts of the process are finding an employer to sponsor you and navigating this complicated visa process. BDV Solutions will find you an employer and has years of experience in helping individuals get U.S. permanent residency through this process.
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"My experience was very positive with BDV Solutions as they were there every step of the way when I needed them, and answered all of my burning questions, shout out to Mitchel Saum for being so patient and helpful."


"In the beginning of this process I got many audits and declined because of my first employer. So this made me feel frustrated. But finally I got my EAD and start working with my new sponsor. Most important thing is they are making us feel that we are supported by enterprise company. They have many options and solutions."


"Your client services team helped me to contact my employer that same day. I started working for my sponsor the next day. BDV solutions is helping me to start a new life in this country. BDV solutions have a very clear understanding how their client can get a green card, so the clients don't have to be worrying about the process. We just need to follow instructions which make life easier for us. By getting a green card, I hope it will happen soon, I will start my new life here and it will be awesome."

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What’s included in your fees:

Bank fees
USCIS legal cost
USCIS filing fees
Mailing fees
BDV Solutions Application Fee
BDV Solutions consulting fee
BDV Solutions client services
Argo Visa Interview preparation