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I would really thanks everyone of BDV for making mine and my wife's dream became true.
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You guys have helped us in achieving our dream, and for that, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.
We couldn’t thank you enough. We are getting closer to our dream, you can’t imagine what it means to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
We don’t have the exact words to thank you. But THANK YOU for making this possible for us.
I wanted to say BIG THANK YOU for all your efforts as a team that you put for us to make our dream possible.
Words can’t be enough to express my gratitude towards you all. You guys made my American dream come true.
The BDV team is always available to assist customers in their process. They are kind, reliable, responsible, and committed.
I had an exceptional experience with BDV Solutions with my EB3 process. They were there all the time, when I came across with any concerns about the process.
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Changing lives through legal U.S. Immigration

We are honored to see the positive impact this process can have on the lives of individuals and their families from around the world. Whether you are starting this process from your home country, your current country of residence or you are already in the United States on a non-immigrant visa, this process can be successful for you!

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"My experience was very positive with BDV Solutions as they were there every step of the way when I needed them, and answered all of my burning questions, shout out to Mitchel Saum for being so patient and helpful."


"Your client services team helped me to contact my employer that same day. I started working for my sponsor the next day. BDV solutions is helping me to start a new life in this country. BDV solutions have a very clear understanding how their client can get a green card, so the clients don't have to be worrying about the process. We just need to follow instructions which make life easier for us. By getting a green card, I hope it will happen soon, I will start my new life here and it will be awesome."


"In the beginning of this process I got many audits and declined because of my first employer. So this made me feel frustrated. But finally I got my EAD and start working with my new sponsor. Most important thing is they are making us feel that we are supported by enterprise company. They have many options and solutions."

"I highly recommend this company! Thanks to her my dream of being a permanent resident. She is definitely number 1 in my humble opinion. The professionals are prepared to give the necessary support and are always improving the system and the way of working. If you want to be a permanent resident this company will do its best. All my anxiety they managed to calm me down and show me that I was doing very well, they are readily my best choice in the process, because it is a team with extraordinary competence. Thanks to the team that I was able to get in touch with and that were part of the phases of my process. I am satisfied with all the support provided and I will always recommend it! 100% reliable. Remember, it is very normal to suffer from anxiety, but BDV knows very well what they are doing and they will represent any customer as best as possible. Thanks Again BDV SOLUTIONS TEAM for everything!"
"Before starting to work, I had a mistaken idea that because it was a position without qualifications I would feel inferior, but I found a company grateful for our work, managers, and kind colleagues and willing to help us whenever possible! People who treat others with respect regardless of job title or position! And several times I felt more valued in this work than in others with better status in Brazil! Today I couldn't be happier and more grateful for everything and everyone who contributed to making my dream and that of my family come true. My kids are having the education I always dreamed of in a place with security and a good future. My husband has his company and is working in his field and I say I am in the second act of my life!"

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