Zuzana Vidra
Immigration Specialist Manager

Zuzana was born in Slovakia where she obtained a law degree, became an attorney, and practiced law for several years.

In 2015 she left almost everything behind (apart from a few suitcases) and moved with her family to South Carolina. Zuzana has worked as an immigration paralegal for over four years.

Zuzana’s great-grandfather immigrated to USA in 1911 aboard SS Pennsylvania to pursue the “American dream,” leaving behind his wife and three little children. Unfortunately, he didn’t ever see them again. Growing up, Zuzana heard a lot about immigration and thought that the struggles of immigrants and people wanting to immigrate to U.S. were a thing of the past. After coming to the United States, Zuzana realized that immigrants were still facing the same issues her ancestor had faced more than 100 years ago. This is one of the reasons why Zuzana is very passionate about immigration. Zuzana is excited to join BDV Solutions as an Immigration Specialist Manager and to work with other like-minded professionals to assist people from all over the world in legally immigrating to the United States through EB-3 process so that they may pursue their American Dream.

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