McFadyen Anderson
Chief of Staff / Special Projects

After graduating from Wofford College with a degree in Finance, McFadyen started his career in Jacksonville, FL in a private equity driven real estate investment project. He then worked under the executive team for a regional bank headquartered in Northeast Florida. McFadyen’s main roles focused on ensuring the loan portfolio was sound from a credit risk perspective and profitable.

In 2016, McFadyen returned home to Greenville, South Carolina to continue work in helping small to medium businesses grow their operations at Caesars Head Capital. Outside of his role at BDV Solutions he is involved in the day to day activities for Latitude Aero –an FAA licensed commercial airline seat repair, maintenance and renovation company, Argo Visa – a software platform that prepares visa applicants for their consular interviews, and Camp Matters, a management company that owns Camp Glen Arden in Zirconia, NC.