Jauntavia Prather
Government Relations Associate

Jauntavia Prather is a Government Affairs Associate at BDV Solutions. She focuses on analyzing policy, processes, and legislation and advocates for ideas that support the mission of BDV & enhances the US immigration process. 

As a Coastal Carolina University graduate, Jauntavia has an education in political science, specializing in domestic affairs, and a background rooted in lobbying at the local, state, and federal levels; civic engagement programming; and community relations. Jauntavia served as the Government Affairs Manager for the Greenville Chamber & Upstate Chamber Coalition immediately after college and currently volunteers with a few organizations, with environmental conservation and civic education being the overarching theme of those efforts. 

Jauntavia’s portfolio demonstrates her ability to effectively educate community members, enact change in various capacities, and mobilize support to accomplish shared goals while simultaneously amplifying the voices of underrepresented populations.

Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, kayaking, and being a Drill Sergeant in the Army Reserve. She is based out of Greenville, SC and excited to be a part of the BDV team.  

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