Elijah Havens
Business Development Associate

Elijah spent most of his formative years in Morocco, North Africa, where he was submerged in a variety of different cultures. Leaning into his passion for sewing and entrepreneurship he started a bowtie company in the later years of high school and continued through the beginning of college. He partnered with a refugee from Burma to learn from and help with the production of the hand-made ties, making it into a fair-trade store and various trade show booths, maintaining an online presence along the way. It is no longer in operation, but he will sometimes make wedding ties for friends and family if they ask politely. He attended Wheaton College where he studied Business/Economics and Math and graduated at the start of the pandemic in 2020. Since graduating he has worked primarily in sales and business development roles in insurance and facilities management.

Elijah recently moved here to Greenville from the Chicago area and is excited to have the ability to go outside during the winter. He enjoys cycling, cooking, sewing, and watching Survivor with his girlfriend.

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