Britt Vergnolle
Founder & CEO

After starting her career as a personal assistant to David Letterman at Late Night with David Letterman on NBC Britt choose to move back to her home state of South Carolina. She joined Chernoff/ Silver and Associates in Columbia, SC as an Account Executive for advertising, marketing and public relations clients.

She then married her high school sweetheart and they moved to Charleston where Britt opened Verg, LLC, a special events and public relations firm. She and her husband then formed USIA, LLC which was an International Business consulting firm that connected US firms with businesses in China. They ultimately brought the first wholly- owned Chinese company to the US to build a manufacturing plant in Britt’s hometown of Camden, SC.

Britt then took a hiatus from business entrepreneurship when they started a family. She jumped back in to the business world in 2011 to begin BDV Investments, LLC on their kitchen table providing employee recruiting services to US business in the Southeast experiencing chronic labor shortages. BDV recruits foreign workers through a US immigration program designed to provide foreign workers and their families permanent residency green cards in order to work for US businesses who cannot find a sufficient number of US workers.

Her company now operates as BDV Solutions and has over 3800 foreign national clients and works with over 50 employers, including several fortune 500 clients. Britt is also a co-founder of Caesars Head Capital, a small private equity firm that has owns controlling stakes in Latitude Aero –an FAA licensed commercial airline seat repair, maintenance and renovation company based in Greensboro, NC; Argo — a web based software development company specializing in immigration consulting software applications; and Camp Matters — a management company that owns Camp Glen Arden in Zirconia, NC.

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